James contract Exposure: 2 years $ 42.1 million

ESPN reporter Brian – Man exposed contract details Horst James, James will get a two-year $ 42.1 million contract, which for the second year player option.

It is reported that this is a most favorable scenario for James,2016-17 season before the league will implement a new television contract, the maximum 2014 World Cup Jerseys salary contract may be significantly higher than at present. Although able to jump ahead, but James intends to play a long time for the Knights.

According to ESPN reports, according to the Cheap jerseys wholesale calculations, the league’s salary cap in 2016 could reach $ 80 million. And in 2017 both parties will renegotiate, James chose such a contract would benefit his flexible operation.


James Wong left Wade issued a statement: I am very sad to leave the brothers

“As a friend and teammate, I’m sad to see my brother LeBron left the team to begin a new journey in 2010 we decided to join forces, is to win a championship, we did it.”

“We are friends since entering the league, the last four years we have established a very close relationship for me, whether individuals or the players Cheap jerseys wholesale point of view, the cooperation between us is always very special, we have a unique thing, he will always be a member of my family. ”

“LeBron for him and his family made ​​the cheap soccer jerseys right decision, that your heart is home harbor, I know this is not an easy decision, I supported him back.””As a team or individual, we have completed the signing of the goal when we won the championship.”

Currently the Big Three, Bosh [microblogging] has a five-year $ 118 million renewal and Heat, Wade and the Heat are not yet formally signed.

U.S. $ 14 million two years Marvin – Williams joined the Hornets

Mark Yahoo Sports – on Spears microblogging broke the news, free agent forward Marvin – Williams with the Charlotte Hornets reached a two-year contract Cheap jerseys wholesale worth $ 14 million, the new season will be Michael Jordan’s team effectiveness .

Williams was second place in 2005, the show, the Jazz past two seasons, before his career has played seven seasons the Hawks. Last season 2014 nba jerseys cheap he played 66 games for the Jazz games, starting 50 games, averaging 25.4 minutes 9.1 points and 5.1 rebounds. So far a total of 626 career games played 480 games in which a starter, has career averages of 29 minutes 10.8 points 5.1 rebounds.

Jazz had said it would try to leave the veteran, called the shots in the past two seasons their roles competently, but the Jazz locker room 2014 World Cup Jerseys leader. But just because the Jazz matched the Hornets on Gordon – Hayward 4-year $ 63 million offer to leave the stars of the future, perhaps influenced the Williams contract.

Hornets Mavericks and other teams intend to formally chase Stephenson

Currently there is $ 20 million Hornets cap space, they have enough financial strength to continue to have the strength to pursue free agents. According to league sources said they will now move on to the former Pacers point guard Lance – Stephenson.

Informed sources, the current really want and Stephenson signed team including wasps and walkers, if the Rockets Mavericks match against Parsons 2014 brazil World Cup offer, then the Mavericks will be offensive Lance. Another pass over the scandal and Stephenson’s team as well as the Green Army, the Bulls and Lakers, but they have not begun in earnest snare Lance measures.

Prior to Stephenson Pacers out $ 44 million five-year contract extension, but the latter was unmoved. The rise of his career is at point guard Wholesale cheap jersyes this summer in a piece of meat and potatoes of the free market, he intends to wait for the official quotation of each club, then grabs.

But regardless of the Hornets or the Mavericks, they are on the Stephenson misgivings. Although last season he averaged 13.8 points contribute to comprehensive data 7.2 rebounds and 4.6 assists, but his mental maturity and performance in the 2014 nba jerseys cheap OTC does not make people worry. This is also the reason for the high Stephenson did not get quoted. He’d hopefully like Tyreke – Evans did last year, seeking a four-year contract about 44 million.

Bosh told Rockets: James decided to say let’s wait

Nobody can predict the ultimate fate of the Miami trio. After the news, the Rockets stepped up the chase Bosh, but Bosh began seriously considering wholesale NBA Jerseys joining the Rockets. Yahoo Sports senior author Adrian – Werner Pawlowski is reported: “Bosh to the Rockets convey his intentions, ‘I want to stay in Miami, and James wanted to play with me.'” Bosh is a native of Dallas, Texas people, if James decided to leave Miami, he will probably choose their place among the Mavericks and Rockets.

Werner reports appear before Pawlowski, a number of media reports of a rocket Bosh is willing to offer four-year 88 million salary messages. While Cheap jerseys wholesale another reported that fourth MVP James will with his agent Richie – Time in the United States on Tuesday with Paul – Pat Riley met.

Paul had first met James Ritchie allowed his favorite teams – Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, the Lakers and the Cavaliers. Met with the Heat, he will personally.

Riley left the team to sign James Wong believes Granger is the expression of sincerity

According to USA Today reported that on the seventh day after the opening of the free market, – Pat Riley told James with a series of operations, where he deserves to stay.According to informed sources, Riley last week had a telephone conversation 2014 World Cup Jerseys with him, convinced that next season, James Riley Bosh and Wade will stay in Miami.

While Riley’s confidence can not guarantee anything, but continues to operate the Heat Big Three leave people see hope.Danny – Granger and Josh – Mike Roberts is no doubt that the Big Three joined the Heat see the sincerity of the lineup for the Cheap jerseys wholesale reinforcement of the role players can be guaranteed for the next four years, the team has the ability to compete for a championship ring.

While the free market has just opened, but the Heat the remaining cap space stretched, – Pat Riley is the worst free agent signing existing team, such as Chris – Anderson, Ray – Allen, Mario – Charles Chalmers and Rashard – Lewis, while rookie napier also determined to win the team players.

If the Big Three can choose a collective pay cut, then Riley may, after signing Granger and Mike Roberts, consider the case does not exceed the salary cap signing other free agents.For the Heat, the Rockets have become the biggest threat, there were reports that SkyCity will give Bosh out a four-year contract worth $ 10,000 8000-9000, so the wholesale NBA Jerseys Rockets next season is expected to set up their own Big Three.For James, the removal of the Heat knight, but still there are four teams eager to get his favor, it is learned rocket, the sun, the Mavericks and the Lakers have been meeting with LeBron’s agent, the next step is to wait for James to make selection.

Nets use mini midlevel exception to sign 11-year rookie contract

According to the U.S. “NBC Sports Home” reported that the Brooklyn Nets with a mini mid-level exception contract signed in 2011 to get their wholesale NBA Jerseys rookie Bojan – Bogdanovich (2011 31 overall by the Miami Heat selected and then traded to the basket net).

Nets do not have enough cap space to sign this outstanding shooter, they had to use the mini midlevel exception. Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, the starting salary in the mini midlevel $ 3,280,000. It is reported NFL Nike jerseys that the Nets signed Bogdanovich and is a three-year $ 10.3 million contract. 3rd year Bogdanovich will have a player option. After signing Bogdanovic, the Nets cap space remaining can only provide basic salary guaranteed contracts for players.

Bogdanovich is regarded as the Nets introduced a third corner fort, he will primarily play a functional role to improve the combat effectiveness of the Nets. His first two seasons in the Turkish league’s third hit rate of 41%, but last season 2014 nba jerseys cheap he was top of the key positions in three-point percentage is only 29%. For a shooter, it is clear that he needs improvement.

Bogdanovich has made progress in the past two years, in the game he can have a wide range of contributions, but for his role in the Nets will be slightly single, he needs to strengthen its comprehensiveness in the game. In the NBA game, his technical ability and adaptation Pace rhythm will face considerable pressure, which is also a challenge for him.